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Info for People Performing at Arts Festival:

There is enough space for everyone to display 10 - 15 large pieces depending on the venue; there are 2 - 3 artists per venue. If possible please check out the venue before hand. Please arrive early to set up your work. If you require any special equipment please call the contact person. All the venues have ok'ed putting Art work up on the walls, but please check with the venue manager before putting in nails or other things that may leave permanent damage. Please click on the link below to view plans of each venue showing where you should hang your work: -

Click here for venue plans

The Oxford Arts Festival has a special deal with Parchment Printers, allowing us to print A3 posters in full colour for 90p (per sheet), black and white for 12p (per sheet).
This will take them around 3-4 days. These will be on 100g paper and will stick easily to walls with blue tack.

Photographers please send a CD with 25 high-resolution pictures to: The Oxford Arts Festival, PO BOX 339, Kidlington, OX5 NEY.
These pictures will be put onto DVD and shown throughout The Oxford Arts Festival.
We will also print 10 – 15 of your picture to be displayed at you allocated venue.
Deadline: Monday 24th Sept 07.

Please contact the sound engineer before the event to give them your spec. Please contact the other bands performing at the same venue and try to sort out kit share. As we have very limited change over time we can not change large pieces of equipment, bands will have to share the following:
* Drum Kit
* Guitar Amps
* Bass Amp
Please make sure you are at the venue and have loaded your equipment in for the beginning of sound check. Any problems please contact the Sound Engineer and Contact person.

All Sets Are 30 min long.
All change over times are 15 mins.


Please check out the venue before the event; please make sure you have enough space. Speak to the contact person if you need anything moving or need an area taped off.
Please make sure you arrive at the venue for the beginning of sound check, we hope to be able to do a full dress rehearsal. Please make sure you bring any backing music on CD and give it to the Sound Engineer as soon as possible. Please contact the sound engineer or contact person if you require any special equipment.

Please make sure you arrive at the venue before the door open time. Please make yourself known to the Sound Engineer and Contact Person. Please let the sound engineer know if you need any special equipment.

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